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"Fenomenal" mas band leader, Sharon Ebanks, was part of the very first Batabano parade in 1983, and is introducing a new mas band in the Batabano streets parade in 2019!


CAYMAN EARTH ANGELS (Only Female in this section)

Representing the element of earth I introduce the section Cayman Earth Angels: 

They were born of mother earth and they are the protectors of all things natural that inhabit the earth.  A variety of Cayman’s natural materials are used in the creation of this earthy section including pebbles, coconut leaves ,and even dried grape leaves ,so feast your eyes on the beautiful all natural EARTH ANGELS.




To represent the realm of fire we please welcome the Rise of the Phoenix:  

This fiery section represents endurance and hope as the Phoenix has risen from blazing flames as a Winner beating all life’s challenges.  This is the reason we chose this fiery symbol of rebirth from the ashes of the past.  We shall rise to an even brighter future




Our beloved Isles are surrounded by beautiful seas so it is only fitting that the water element was inspired by the sea.

Caribbean blue highlights our beautiful oceans,  “O sea of palest em'rald, merging to darkest blue” what a beautiful sight to behold.  The ocean is the provider of so many things and one of the main elements that make our islands unique.



WRATH OF THE STORM – Silver and black

We know all too well that for every Ying there must be a Yang.  As much as we love sitting on evenings enjoying our cool Caribbean breezes, most of us here know only too well about this manifestation WRATH OF THE STORM.

This section serves to remind us of the more sinister side of the elements and also the effects of our sometimes selfish ways of life, factors such as global warming and climate change are now giving rise to mega storms and hurricanes the wrath of which can be catastrophic.