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Party Animals

Party Animals

Party Animals Mas Band was first formed under a different title - Super Heroes. In 2005 a group of individuals felt that Carnival had started to transform into strictly business. So they took to the streets as super heroes on a mission to "save" the carnival. The group of 10 dressed as all the favorite super heroes, including Batman, Superman, Super Girl, Spider Man, Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk, and all went chipping down the streets of Grand Cayman.

Super Heroes went on to win Batabano's “Spirit of Carnival” award. As the  2006 Carnival Season approached, many residents enquired how they could join the fun. Richard Jackson, John Smith and Edrick Vernon then introduced the Party Animals T-shirt Mas Band, which went on to win Best Small Band that year!

Party Animals Mas has grown bigger and bigger each year, and strives to bring the best entertainment to members and spectators all year around. Party Animals offers both a T-Shirt section and one Costume Section. 

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