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Guide to choosing the right Batabano Mas Band for you

Guide to choosing the right Batabano Mas Band for you

Guide to choosing the right Batabano Mas Band for you

The Cayman Carnival Batabano Commitee loves hearing from new masqueraders who are interested in playing mas in Cayman's only national carnival. We recently received a question asking "how does it work" as far as researching, choosing, and paying for costumes. Use this handy overview as a guide to getting you in costume and on the road in Batabano!

1. Check out the list of Batabano Mas Bands on this page on our website: 

2. Email or call the mas band(s) that have costumes you like, if you're not ready to book online (many bands offer online registration) 

3. The mas bands you contact will tell you what sections/designs they still have available for sale, and the details of them.

4. Once you decide on the costume design/section you want and can get, you'll give them your sizes and preferences like type of bottoms you want, or if you want a full suit, etc. Alternatively, you can submit this information in their online form if one is provided.

5. Some bands have registration forms they can email you to fill out for your order. They'll let you know.

6. Some bands request a deposit to put in your order, and some bands require the full payment up front. Some bands offer a payment plan. They will also offer various options to pay, whether via credit cards, cash, paypal, or otherwise. We see some bands this year offering group rates, so you should ask about that if you have a group.

7. Once you've placed your order, the band will tell you when and where you can expect to collect your costume in the days leading up to Batabano. Your contact details go into their database so they will stay in touch with you regarding any updates.

8. All bands that are offering costumes or T-shirts in this year's Batabano parade are listed on our website. The listing is really intended as a resource for you in terms of having all of the website addresses and contact details for the bands in one place. We don't have photos of most costumes on our website, and we don't handle any bookings for them, so you'll still have to do a little research of your own by going to the mas band websites and choosing the costumes you like, then contacting them directly.

Good luck, and see you on the road!