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Batabano encourages support for locally made costumes

Batabano encourages support for locally made costumes

29 Mar | 2023

Celebrating forty years of carnival on Grand Cayman, Batabano organisers are inviting local designers and creative minds in the community to take a page out of the vintage Batabano era and form "Made In Cayman" groups and floats to enter the milestone parade this year.

The Batabano parade is taking place on Saturday May 6th, following its traditional path from West Bay Road to the heart of George Town.

A perfect example of “Made in Cayman” costumes for others to follow, or to join, is award-winning local designer Reba Dilbert, who has been designing and making costumes in Cayman for Batabano since its inception forty years ago. Ms Dilbert's costumes will be a highlight of this milestone anniversary parade for Batabano, and the community is also encouraged to register to play mas in one of her uniquely Caymanian costume designs.

“Back in the 1980's and 90's when Batabano was a fledgling carnival in the Cayman Islands to attract tourists while also providing a fun experience for locals, everyone in the community who participated got involved by developing their own themes and making their own costumes," explained Batabano Chairperson Donna Myrie. "People got together in each other's backyards and living rooms to make costumes; colleagues spent their lunch hours making costumes in their break rooms or building company floats in their parking lots; friendships were forged, and on the day of the parade, their carnival experience was even more meaningful.”

Mrs. Myrie said it also gives masquerade groups, of any size, the freedom to create and wear costumes that make them feel comfortable, and that better suits their budget. She said floats are also welcome to enter this year's parade. 

“Cayman also has a growing number of local fashion designers and seamstresses who create beautiful pieces, and we encourage them to also participate by entering a custom costume, starting their own group for the parade, or any other way they wish to see their vision and talent come to life on the road,” Mrs. Myrie added.  

Groups who wish to enter this year's Batabano parade with "Made in Cayman" costumes and floats can do so by completing and submitting a registration form which is available at Le Classique in the Strand. The form can also be downloaded from the Batabano website and submitted via email to The registration form can be downloaded from this link: For more information call Ms. Myrie on 916-1740.

Persons wishing to join Reba Dilbert's mas band can register by calling 917-6088. Photos of her costumes for Batabano's 40th anniversary parade are also available on