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De Carnival Pledge

I as a Reveller, pledge with my whole being, to play mih mas to the fullest
I promise to be true to the masquerader born in mih
I will revel in the freedom and forget all worries, for today is Carnival day

‘Mih’– me, my’

I will embrace this celebration of life and take in the wonder that surrounds me
This freedom of movement, motion and thought, pure and simple
The fever will take over
It will take me to a place, a place where I am free
Free from my soul and my mind, free to be.

I will wear my full costume and not encourage mih family to jump wit de band
I promise not to tie mih cart to the truck and when security shouts MOVE,
I know what to do
And when ah reach town I will play mih mas, and not stay on stage too long

I will lose my senses to this frenzied motion, which breaks all barriers
I will lose my senses in the swirl of colour that shines brighter than light itself
I will lose my senses to the vibrations that touch my soul
I will let the fever take over

I will chip down de road with a drink in mih hand and the other in the air
The music will make my spirit soar and the “spirits’ guide my way
For I am honoured to be a part of this spectacle of mas
And I will honour the call for this is Carnival Day.

Origin – Trinidad & Tobago Television Station