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Junior Batabano

Junior Batabano Schedule of Events

Junior Batabano Schedule of Events

Introduced in 2002, Junior Batabano’s objective is to provide a family-friendly environment for Cayman’s youth to enjoy the spirit of carnival in their own parade through George Town, on their own weekend prior to the adult parade.

Saturday Apr 22nd 2023
Location : Old Government Building

Cayman Carnival Junior Batabano takes place on Saturday 22 April 2023. Some of our participating schools and groups are Sir John A Cumber Primary, Cayman International School, St. Ignatius, Joanna Clarke Primary, Prospect Primary and Edna Moyle Primary.

Our favourite Junior Batabano designers – Richard Bartholomew and Shane James have done another excellent job on this year’s designs.

This year’s costume theme is “Ah hearing Drums.” Colour costumes that depict images of drums – congas, bongos, tambourines, steelpan and rhythms of drums – Reggae Beat, Samba Rhythm -   will be worn by over 300 children as they parade through the streets of George Town.


1. Drums are percussion instruments that make sound when a player strikes a drum head—a stretched membrane attached to the instrument's frame or drum shell.

 2. For most of musical history, drum heads were made from animal parts such as goat skins, but today's drums almost always use plastic composites for their drum heads.

3. Drummers play drums by hand or with beaters like mallets, drumsticks, rods, wire brushes, and foot pedals.

4. The vast continent of Africa has produced many different types of drums and a wide array of drumming styles.

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